3 players to build your DraftKings lineup around. Nov 30th

Real GM

Friday Recap

Malcolm Brogdon 35.50 16P/7A/6R

Montrezl Harrell 22.75 12P/7R

Davis Bertans 13.25 6P/2A/3R

My Friday night was HORRENDOUS. All of my picks missed their season fantasy average, not just the 3 I recommended, all 8 missed. Brogdon had a decent night, he didn’t pick apart the Hawks like I thought he would and the Pacers only put up 105 points and only won by 1. I was worried Brogdon would miss his numbers because he was sitting in the 4th of a blowout, turned out the Hawks almost stole the game from them. Harrell had an awful game and the Clippers looked disinterested against the Spurs. The only good thing about Harrell’s 12 points and 7 assists in 25 minutes is that he was on the cheaper side of his salary range (not that I did anything with the salary I saved). My worst outcome was taking Bertans last night. He was a ghost out there, he fell 12 points below his fantasy average and he played 27 minutes.

I am going to leave that train wreck behind me and focus on 3 players for tonights 3 game slate.

Trae Young – $8,900

Trae Young has been hot from 3 since I said he was going to break out of his slump against Minnesota. He has shot 47.2 percent in those 3 games and he scored 49,27, and 37 points. Trae is a good price today too, you can pick him up for only $8,900. His last game he had 62.75 fantasy points and his salary was $9,500. Harden, on the other hand, is going for $12,000. Obviously Harden is worth the salary, but you will be able to get a lot of the same things from Trae for $3,100 less. They will both give you 10+ 3 point attempts, both will get you 8 assists on average and both will have 10+ free throw attempts. Short of Harden going off for one of his 60 point nights, I think Trae will be relatively close to Harden’s point total, too close to justify Harden’s price. I think the Texas native will have another big night against the Rockets, he went for 36 points and 8 assists last season in Houston.


TJ Warren – $4,800

TJ Warren has done TERRIBLY when I pick him. It’s almost as if he forgets how to dribble when I draft him. Have I learned my lesson? Of course not. In the last ten games I took Warren twice, in those two games he ended up with 10 and 6.5 fantasy points respectively. He averaged 29 fantasy points in the other 8 games, 3 points above his average. He was $6,000 the game he scored 10 fantasy points and $5,700 when he had 6.5. He is down to $4,800 tonight, I know my previous results with Warren should be a red flag but I really think he is a good value. His salary was between $5,300 and $6,100 during the last 10 games, I can’t pass up pass him up, strictly looking at his numbers, at his current salary. If Warren burns me again I may have to Fredo him.

Dante DiVincenzo – $4,400

DiVincenzo played so well in the starting lineup that Khris Middleton has been coming off the bench since he has been back from injury. This is the third straight game DiVincenzo will be starting over Middleton and he is very undervalued at $4,400. I think this will be the last time you will be able to take advantage. Either he continues playing well and his salary increases accordingly, or, Middleton earns his spot back and DiVincenzo’s salary will stay the same but his minutes will go way down. DiVincenzo may be a bigger part of the offense with the slightly banged up Milwaukee team. Giannis, Bledsoe and George Hill are all game time decisions and this is the second game of a back to back. The Bucks may choose to use a little load management at home against a team they should have no trouble beating.

I have a few other players I am looking at taking to fill out the rest of my lineup. Ben McLemore is $3,500 and he is in the starting lineup, Danuel House is listed as probable, keep an eye on the injury reports closer to tip. Robin Lopez is starting for his brother Brook and his salary is $3,000. I have a lineup with Trae and Harden where I use Robin. I am still tinkering but those are a few more cheap players I am looking to utilize.