5 Random Basketball Stats To Get You Through The Day

1. Offensive Machines

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Since 1990, only FIVE teams have had 3 players averaging 20+ points: 90-91 Golden State Warriors (Run TMC), 2007-08 Warriors, (Monta, B-Diddy, Captain Jack), 2013-14 Sacramento Kings (Boogie, IT, Rudy Gay) 2016-17 Warriors, and 2017-18 Warriors (Steph, Klay, KD).

2. Kawhi open to leaving San Antonio to take less money?

In case you’re living under a rock, Kawhi Leonard has reportedly asked for a trade and would be willing to forego the Supermax and take less money. How much dough are we talking about here?

3. Kobe Bryant

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From 2006-08, the Mamba has had more 50-point games than all of the NBA combined.

Kobe= 19

Rest of NBA= 18

4. That time when Kyle Korver went almost-TMAC: 11 points in 1 minute. (Foot on the line in 2nd three.)


4. Marvin Bagley III signs with PUMA.

5. Michael Jordan

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MJ scored 55 or more in playoff games five times while Elgin Baylor (61), Wilt Chamberlain (56), Rick Barry (55), Charles Barkley (56), and Allen Iverson (55) each had one.

Jordan also scored 54 once and 50 points twice.

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