Best Budget Basketball Shoes in 2020 – Our Top Choices For Under $100

Basketball shoes are not cheap. Many of the signature models cost at least $120 and as high as 200 bucks or more. Even Nike’s Hyper series and Adidas’ Pro Bounce series are $130 to $150.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should not cop a pair at that price; all I’m saying is that not everybody is willing to pay that price for a performance basketball shoe, and I don’t blame them. The least that we can do is steer people in the right direction and recommend the best budget basketball shoes, models that are under $100. Believe it or not, there are many choices from, even at that price range, so have fun bargain hunting! Here are some of the best cheap basketball shoes for under $100:

Top 6 Best Budget Basketball Shoes Under $100


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Nike Air Max Infuriate

Nike Air Max Infuriate
  • Price: $$$

  • Best Nike fitting shoes

  • A shoe for any position

Jordan Westbrook One Take
Jordan Westbrook One Take
  • Price: $$

  • Nice design and colors

  • Superior traction

And1 Attack Low
And1 Attack Low
  • Price: $

  • Low top support

  • Traction is superb

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1
  • Price: $$

  • Excellent support with its wide base

  • Requires little to no break-in time

Adidas Pro Spark Low 2018
Adidas Pro Spark Low 2018
  • Price: $

  • Very comfortable and excellent support

  • Low top with solid traction

Reebok Kamikaze IV

Reebok Kamikaze IV
  • Price: $$

  • Durable and comfortable

  • Excellent ankle support

My Favorites for the Best Budget Basketball Shoes Under $100

Nike Air Max Infuriate

Nike Air Max Infuriate Performance Review - WearTesters

Most of Nike’s budget shoes go unnoticed because of their roster of signature models, but I don’t see any reason why the Nike Air Max Infuriate should escape anybody’s notice. At $80 SRP, it offers the same kind of performance (or even better) from a shoe that costs at least $120.

Why Cop The Nike Air Max Infuriate:

  • Probably one of Nike’s best fitting shoes of recent memory.
  • Impeccable traction with the diamond/herringbone combination pattern
  • A shoe for any position

Jordan Westbrook One Take

Jordan Westbrook One Take CJ0781-001 Release Info |

The newest kid on the block, Jordan has decided to create a budget model for Russell Westbrook. Voila! Thus, the One Take is born. Since it has just been released, it’s priced at exactly $100– no more, no less. But then again, I could say it’s the anti-Pro Spark because it has a flashy look that oozes swag. Westbrook swag, to be exact.

As you may have noticed, the shoe looks almost precisely like the Why Not 0.3, which costs $130. Do you see where I’m getting at here? Why spend $30 more when you can have (almost) the same shoe for $100?

Why Cop the Jordan Westbrook One Take:

  • Futuristic design and crazy colorways
  • Super aggressive traction and superior traction
  • Compared to the 0.3, where they often use multi-colored outsoles, the One Take has one solid color. That means, unlike the Why Not 0.3, the One Take’s court grip won’t be inconsistent.

Runners-Up for the Best Budget Basketball Shoes

And1 Attack Low

AND 1 Attack Low

What I’m trying to do is give you a representative model for each brand, and for And1, I feel the Attack Low is severely underrated. At 85 bucks, you don’t expect something crazy, only something that works. The And 1 Attack Low has accomplished that admirably.

Why Cop The And1 Attack Low:

  • Traction is superb with a hard rubber compound that makes it ideal for outdoor play.
  • One of the best support you’ll feel on a low top.
  • The Harmonix cushioning system allows for superior compression and spring-back.

A drawback for the Attack Low is that the materials needed break-in time, especially on the forefoot. You don’t need to go up half a size if you have wide feet, you just need to be patient after a few wears.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

adidas DON Issue 1 Shock Yellow EG5667 |

Donovan Mitchell’s shoe is probably the best-looking sneaker in the list, but it only made its way to the runners up list because of its consistent traction. Perhaps it’s the rubber compound used in some colorways or the tightly-spaced grooves or both. Additionally, it’s sizing is all over the place. Otherwise, it’ still a solid shoe for $100 and is probably on sale now with Issue #2 on its way.

Why Cop the Adidas DON Issue #1:

  • Excellent support with its wide base that cages your foot in place.
  • The Bounce setup is one of the most comfortable renditions of the foam ever.
  • Requires little to no break-in time

Superb Value for the Best Budget Basketball Shoes Under $100

Adidas Pro Spark Low 2018 | adidas Originals Men's Pro Spark Low 2018 Basketball ...

The Three Stripes brand is on a roll with its budget models for the past few years, and probably one of their best and cheapest offerings is the Adidas Pro Spark 2018 Low.

Why Cop The Adidas Pro Spark Low 2018:

  • Very comfortable and excellent support relative to its price
  • Traction is remarkable
  • Since it’s a low top, it can also be used as a casual shoe.
  • Comes in at least EIGHT colorways

Of course, you can’t expect premium materials on a budget shoe. The upper is synthetic leather and looks cheap, but that should not stop you from copping one, especially if you’re looking for a budget model. And the best part it all? The Pro Spark 2018 Low can now be bought for as low as $46.

Reebok Kamikaze IV

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black/ White - Available Now - WearTesters

Reebok’s Kamikaze series is largely a mixed bag but with the IV, I think they got this one right and more.

Why Cop The Reebok Kamikaze IV:

  • I’d say the shoes are pretty unique.
  • A 40-year-old who bought the shoe says he has not experienced any knee, shin, or foot issue since playing with the Kamikaze IV.
  • Durable, comfortable, and great ankle support, which is a great value considering its price.

Why You Should Consider Buying The Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Budget models don’t get the same amount of attention as the Kyries, Brons, Kobes, and Freaks but that doesn’t mean it can’t live up to your expectations in terms of performance. I’m not discouraging anyone to buy the signature models but that shouldn’t stop you from discovering and exploring parts unknown when it comes to performance basketball shoes. Trust me, you will be surprised.

How To Choose The Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Personally, I’d go for Nike models on a level playing field but if I’d come across any model in this list within the $50-$60 range, that’s an automatic cop. This is an excellent price for a Nike shoe. The good thing about these shoes is it’s not designed for a specific player so it has features that will be appreciated by ballers of any position. The Nike Air Max Infuriate is an example of an extremely versatile shoe that will work for guards, wings, and big men.

Bottom Line: What Are The Best Budget Basketball Shoes Under $100?

basketball player about to free throw

If I had to pick one out of the six, I’m going with the Nike Air Max Infuriate. Honestly, its features and performance are even better than some signature shoes. It’s quite a shame that it’s not as acclaimed as it should be, but I hope I have shed some light on the truth.

The One Take also made my list because it’s not every day that you can get a budget signature model for a hundred bucks. It’s about 95% similar to the Why Not 0.3, which is $30 more expensive, so the One Take is not a bad choice at all. Plus, it looks flashy.

The And1 Attack Low and the Adidas DON Issue #1 make the list for the runners up because, while they are above-average performance basketball shoes, they lack some features that could have vaulted them to the top. The Attack Low has doesn’t have the best materials and has a weird fit, while the Issue #1’s traction can be very inconsistent, especially when making lateral cuts.

With that said, the best value, in my opinion, is the Adidas Pro Spark Low 2018 and the Reebok Kamikaze. The Pro Spark goes as low as $46 on some stores, while the Kamikaze can go as low as $40! And it’s not like they can’t perform either, they certainly are two of the best cheap basketball shoes for under $100.