NBA December 4, 2015– Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks

Here are NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks in a six-game Friday.

The Studs

John Wall, PG ($8,300)

Wall’s Washington Wizards have disappointed so far and in some stretches this season, their best player did too. However, if the last two games are any indication, the speedster may have just turned a corner. Wall dropped back-to-back 60 fantasy-point games against Cleveland and L.A., and will be facing the Phoenix Suns at home, who incidentally is the league’s worst in defending point guards.

Kristaps Porzingis, PF ($8,100)

There’s a new fantasy star at the Big Apple and he isn’t named Carmelo Anthony.

You may have known by know but at just 28 minutes a night, KP is proving he is a more valuable all-around fantasy commodity than ‘Melo is. Porzingis has averaged 40 Fantasy Points in the past five games and while he is still kind of up-and-down at this point, the Knicks are playing Brooklyn, who is the eighth-worst team in defending power forwards.

The Middle Class

Kobe Bryant, SG ($5,900)

After announcing his retirement at the end of the season, Kobe Bryant quickly made himself a laughing stock to a must-cheer. The latter might have done Kobe some good, for he has averaged over 32 FP in his past three, including a 41-FP performance over at Washington. At that salary, he is worth a roster spot.

Marcus Morris, SF ($6,100)

Marcus Morris has been struggling lately until a meeting with former team Phoenix Suns gave him so much more motivation he dropped 52 FP on them. There’s no guarantee he can duplicate that stellar performance but the Milwaukee Bucks are currently the league’s worst opposite small forwards so there’s a chance.

The Bargains

Thabo Sefolosha, SF ($4,600)

The good news is that Sefolosha seemed locked up as Atlanta’s starting small forward. With his minutes hovering in the 30’s, there’s a solid chance Sefolosha produces a solid stat line, especially against an anemic Laker defense almost incapable of stopping opposing small forwards–or anyone, for that matter.

Clint Capela, C ($5,800)

Capela is Houston’s new starting power forward but he is still listed as a center over in DraftKings. He will have some growing pains, evidenced by a the 11-FP performance in his last game versus New Orleans, but overall, the Capela-Dwight Howard experiment met some early success. Prior to the Pelicans stinker, Capela has listed at least 30 FP in three of the last five games including a 40.75-point outing, so there’s some serious upside here.

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