3 Players to build your draftkings lineup around. Dec 3rd

Arizona Sprts

Monday Recap

Devin Booker    37 FPTs    23P/4A/4R/1B/1S

Brook Lopez     11.75   FPTs   4P/3R/1B/1S

Kris Dunn      19.25     FPTs    6P/4A/3R/2S

I was completely right with my Devin Booker prediction. I said that his 128 for 133 shooting video would give him a boost in confidence and he would be letting 3s fly, unfortunately, not a lot fell. Booker got close to his fantasy average and did score 23 points on the night, but he only went 3-10 from 3. Expected a little higher FPT total but overall he had a decent night. I got absolutely nothing from Robin Lopez. He did manage to get above his fantasy average but that is a very low bar to pass. He was a ghost for 23 minutes last night, only made 1 shot and only took 1 three. He did get me 33 points last game so I can’t be too mad but he made watching a Knicks game even worse. Dunn was off to a hot start in the first quarter then never really got anything going for the rest of the game. 

Rough Monday, looking to rebound tonight. Here are 3 players I am locking in to my DraftKings lineup.

Luka Doncic – $11.300

I would take Luka if he was $15,000 tonight. He is going to have a field day against the Peilcans. Doncic had 27 points, 10 assist and 9 rebounds in a statement win over LeBron and the Lakers in LA on Sunday. Luka has gone 5 games without recording a a triple double, that is an eternity for Doncic this season, he had 7 in his first 14 games. New Orleans is the worst team in the West for opponent PPG, they give up 118.9 a night, and the 6th worst for opponent free throw attempts. Luka attempts almost 10 free throws a game, I can see him driving all night and getting to the line. I don’t think we’ll see a Harden 20+ attempts but its almost a guarantee he will have at least 10 points from the line. I’m feeling another 40 point triple double coming from Luka, he is going to torch New Orleans.

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Evan Fournier – $6,200

Fournier has been a great mid tier salaried player over the past 10 games. He has been in the $6,100-$6,400 range recently and he has surpassed his fantasy average in 8 of the past 10 games. He is shooting 47.7%, 42.6% from 3 and he is a solid 85% from the line. You can get some assists and rebounds from Fournier but he mainly gets buckets, he can have some low fantasy point totals if he is having an off night shooting because of this. I think Washington is a perfect team for him to continue his hot streak. Very high ceiling for Fournier tomorrow.

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PJ Tucker – $4,600

PJ had a little bit of a dip in production in late November, but he has been back to above his fantasy average in the past 3 games. Tucker has been one of my go to bargain players this season, and $4,600 is a good price for tonight. Tucker is extremely active on defense, he averages 1.5 steals game, and he is getting close to 6 rebounds a game too He is also averaging close to 30 minutes a game. Tucker is a great 3 point shooter and San Antonio is the second worst team in the league defending the 3. I expect Tucker to get his numbers and I am hoping he takes advantage of the Spurs and has a big night from 3.

Here are a few players I am trying to work into my lineup. I like Luke Kennard against the Cavs, his salary tonight is $5,400. I’m going to try and get 1 or 2 more players in the Spurs/Rockets game and DeRozan looks like the best value. He has been playing well lately and he is only $7,200. Sexton will be a little easier to work in the lineup. Also, Dwight Powell is a steal at $4,000.