3 players to build your lineup around. Dec 4th

Tuesday Recap

Luka Doncic   65 FPTs    33P/5A/18R

Evan Fournier    40.50    31P/3A/2R

PJ Tucker     34.75     10P/2A/9R/3S/2B

Luka Doncic is as sure a thing as James Harden or LeBron when it comes to getting his fantasy points. He failed to get a triple double but he poured in 33 points, he went 10-13 from the line and was 5 of 12 from three. The big surprise was a career high 18 rebound rebounds. Luka is $11,600 tonight against the Timberwolves and I am really looking to get him in my lineup again. It’s a big salary though.

I said Fournier just gets Buckets and that’s exactly what he did last night. He scored 31 points, going 6 of 8 from the line and finished with 3 assists and 2 rebounds. I am happy with the point total coming from a $6,200 player.

PJ Tucker did a little bit of everything against Washington. He scored 10 and had 9 rebounds, only ended up with 2 assists but he had 3 steals 2 blocks on the defensive end. 34.75 is a great point total from a bargain salary.

Wednesday Picks

10 game slate tonight. Here are 3 players I am building my lineup around.

Slam Online

Karl Anthony Towns – $10.600

Town has been unstoppable at times this year. He is averaging 26 points and 12.5 rebounds, he has had a double double in 9 of the last 10 games. He has also been great from behind the perimeter this season. Towns is shooting 42% on 9 shots a game. He doesn’t get to the line that much but he is a solid 80.6% free throw shooter. The Cavs don’t have the talent at Center to be able to lock down Towns tonight. Dwight Powell and Maxi Kleber are good rotation players but it is asking a lot for them to shut down towns. They are going to be chasing him all over the court as he shoots a 3 one possession then takes it in the post the next and then runs a pick and roll the third time down the court. He is a very versatile offensive weapon and he is going to be a problem for Dallas. KAT has improved on defense, he still not a DPOY candidate but he is averaging 1.5 blocks and 1 steal a game.

Khris Middleton – $6,100

Middleton has been great off the bench since he came back from injury. He was getting around 20 minutes a game with the second unit and he looked great. He had more than 25 fantasy points in each game, was in double digits scoring each game and had and he put up a lot of assists and rebounds in his limited minutes. Khris is back in the starting lineup and DiVincenzo, who played well during most of Middleton’s injury returns to the bench. $6,100 is a good value for Middleton, once he is back to getting his 30+ minutes he his salary will increase accordingly so take advantage of this discounted price while you can. Also, keep an eye on DiVincenzo’s salary when it’s a smaller slate and the options are limited, he could be a good bargain player who can get you some decent points.


Garrett Temple – $5,200

Temple has taken full advantage of the starting role he’s been given with LeVert injured. He is logging close to 30 minutes every night and he has surpassed his fantasy average in 7 of the last 10 games. There aren’t too many bargains tonight, everyone is pretty well priced, Getting Temple for $5,200 is a fair salary. Atlanta gives up the second most points per game in the East, 117. I am taking Temple for sure, and I am also looking to fit Jarrett Allen too, he is reasonably priced at $6,000.

Those are the three players I am locking in, I am also thinking about a couple other players. Wiggins will be hard to fit in the lineup with his $7,800. I said I want to stack KAT and Wiggins as much as I can but I may need to spread that salary around. Other than Wiggins I don’t have a strong feeling towards any other player. I’m having a harder time than usual filling out this lineup.