December 29, 2015– 5 Interesting NBA Stats To Look At

1. Inter-Conference Battles

The East is leading the West 93-90 in these match-ups. If the East keeps this up, this will be the first time since 2009 that they are going to have a winning record versus the West.

Looks like it’s a long time coming…

2. LeBron James could have 37 more triple-doubles in his career…

if he had just one more assist or rebound. That could have brought his triple-double career total from 57 to 90!

3. Speaking of missing…

Kyle Korver has clanked 18 straight three-point attempts.

4. Chris Paul has ZERO blocks this season…

while J.J. Barea, in somewhat of a minor surprise, has two. But CP3 did have a couple of nice dunks his last game.

5. Omri Casspi

… is now the NBA’s best three-point shooter percentage-wise at 48.7 percent– all thanks to a 36-point, 9-for-12 from deep shooting versus the Dubs.


Andrew Wiggins just became the sixth-youngest to reach 2,000 points and the fourth fastest to do it at 112 games.

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