5 Awesome NBA Stats Of The Day– March 19, 2017

1. D’Angelo Russell’s career night.

He added six assists, two rebounds, two steals, and seven triples.

2. Speaking of career nights, Damian Lillard has a pretty good game himself.

Of his 14 made field goals, nine of those were from beyond the arc, making Dame the first Blazer ever to make 1,000 three point shots.

3. D’Loading wasn’t the only one having a great game at Staples.

The Cavs Big 3 combined for 101 points, 23 rebounds, 10 assists, and 12 treys. Kyrie Irving had 46 by himself.

4. LeBron James’ crazy career mileage.

Notwithstanding Bron’s regular season minutes (40, 844 in total), he has played in 199 playoff games, logging 8,384 more minutes. That is more than the playoff minutes of Kevin Durant (3,815), Steph Curry (2,233), and Draymond Green (2,114) combined.

So next time, don’t ever complain about the King’s DNP-rest again.

5. The Miami Heat’s unbelievable turnaround.

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On January 14th, their chances of making the playoff is at 1% with a projected record of 25-56. Now, they are sitting at 8th in the East and has an 86% chance of making the postseason.

Featured Photo: USATSI