5 Awesome NBA Stats of the Day

1. Dwyane Wade and the art of the pump fake.

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Wade and pump fakes are pretty much synonymous but how good is he exactly with these weapons? Someone did the math, and they have the stats:

  • “Around 1,350 players, give or take, have played at least a single minute against the Miami HEAT since Wade was drafted in 2003. And he got 339 of them to jump.”
  • “Which means Wade got 25% of all the players he ever played against to bite.”

John Salmons was the worst offender (9 times), followed by Aaron Afflalo (7), Josh Howard (6) and 8 players tied with 5 times. He even got Kobe twice, as well.

2. Orlando Magic

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Orlando Sentinel

The Magic have clinched their first playoff berth in SEVEN seasons. The biggest reason how they did it? DEFENSE. Over the past 26 games, Orlando has gone 18-8 and tied with the Jazz for the league’s best defense, according to NBA Stats. They are also No. 10 in Offensive Rating and third in Net Rating during that span.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

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Meanwhile, the Cavs have become one of the worst teams in the league. How did they do it? By playing historically BAD DEFENSE. How bad exactly? They could prevent their next two opponents from scoring and still finish with the worst defensive rating in NBA history. Currently, their Def Rtg is 116.5 (via NBA Stats).

4. Speaking of Cavs defense…

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Myles Turner is on pace to out-block them. MT currently has 199 blocks and the whole Cavs team currently sits at 193.

5. Michael Jordan and James Harden

via Twitter, Rob Kimbell

What does the two have in common? They are the only players who have accumulated at least 2,700 points, 500 rebounds, and 500 assists in a season.

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