7 Awesome NBA Stats Of The Day

7 Awesome NBA Stats Of The Day

1. Heard this Draymond guy is pretty good defensively.

2. And this Westbrook dude, y’all heard of him?

3. Speaking of Westbrook…

… the guy is officially averaging a triple-double and did it by recording the second fastest triple-double in NBA history (20 mins).

4. Joel Embiid for 3!

There’s no way “The Process” is going to keep this up but he is leading the league in three-point shooting percentage at 50%.

5. Probably the only good thing about the Pelicans right now…

…is Anthony Davis averaging 31 point per game on over 60 percent TS%. In case you didn’t know, only Michael Jordan (four times), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (71-72), and Kevin Durant (’13-’14) have done that for an entire season.

6. Clint Capela overtakes DJ.

7. J.R. Smith is probably the league’s COLDEST player right now.

Photo:Chris Petersen/Getty Images