7 Buy Low/Sell High Candidates In NBA Fantasy Basketball

1.) Lonzo Ball, PG, Los Angeles Lakers

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Verdict: Buy Low

Ball is barely clinging into a top-150 value because of poor percentages and mediocre point production. However, the things that he’s really great at (assists and steals plus out-of-position stats like rebounds and occasional blocks) are among the rarest in fantasy basketball. In addition to that, scoring can easily be replaced and his shot attempts per game (7.8) and FT attempts per game (0.7) barely moves the needle. If an impatient owner points his fingers at Ball for his fantasy mishaps, you can snag him at an ultra-low price like a Trevor Ariza, perhaps?

2.) LaMarcus Aldridge, C, San Antonio Spurs

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Verdict: Buy Low

LA’s season has been frustrating so far with Yahoo ranking him as the Player No. 75 in the overall fantasy basketball hierarchy. However, with the Spurs teetering out of the playoff race, Pop will find ways that work and that is featuring Aldridge in the forefront of the offense MORE and OFTEN. The Spurs is 10-1 in games where LA scores 20 or more points so it’s no secret what the Spurs should do to be successful on the court. When the Spurs start to go to Aldridge more often, the paltry FG% should go up as well.

3.) Gordon Hayward, SF, Boston Celtics

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Verdict: Buy Low

After Hayward’s 30-point explosion in a win over Minnesota, the buy low window may be closing fast. Generally, however, Hayward was a bit of a disappointment as he has not scored at least 20 in any of his previous games. His assists and rebounds are along the lines of his career averages but the real issue is his efficiency. That said, there’s no way to go but up as Hayward acclimates himself to the Celtics system. If he picks up another dud along the way, try some ways to acquire him and reap the benefits later.

4.) Nikola Vucevic, C, Orlando Magic

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Verdict: Sell High

I know it’s hard to part ways with someone ranked as the No. 5 player in fantasy basketball right now, but Vooch’s has clearly been outplaying his ADP. That said, there is no way his performance is sustainable because the Magic is still a middle-of-the-pack team and he may be traded before the deadline being an expiring contract. 21 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 assists is hard to replace but if you can get someone like a PG (ranked No. 7) or Damian Lillard (No. 14), consider that one as a win on your part.

5.) Robert Covington, SF/PF, Minnesota Timberwolves

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Verdict: Sell High

RoCo is somewhat of an aberration but he is ranked at No. 17 at this point over many notable names like Chris Paul, Nikola Jokic, and Kyle Lowry because of a combination of threes, steals, and blocks. However, as soon as the 2.5 steals and 1.5 blocks come back to Earth, the owners will suffer as well.

6.) Jeremy Lamb, SG/SF, Charlotte Hornets

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Verdict: Sell High

Lamb has been stepping up as the primary wing scorer for the Hornets and that netted him at No. 37 in fantasy basketball. He has been fairly consistent throughout the season but I personally don’t have faith that that production is sustainable. Again, if you can get someone who has been a high-producer all of his career and ranked below Lamb at this point, pull the damn trigger.

7.) Paul Millsap, PF/C, Denver Nuggets

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Verdict: Sell High

Millsap is both a buy low and sell high candidate in a matter of weeks but with back-to-back20-point double-doubles, try selling him high. At this point, Millsap is living up to his fifth-round ceiling but if he hits fourth-round value, don’t hesitate to trade the aging big man for someone who is younger and a higher upside regardless of position.

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