Best Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

When you step on the court, you are the center of attention.

Clearly, you’re bigger than everyone else, so maybe you feel like you have something to prove.

Big guys can ball too, but just like regular sized players, big guys need the right type of shoes.

More importantly because you run the risk of injury if you don’t.

That’s why in this article we’ll be diving into the best basketball shoes for big guys and breaking down exactly what you should be looking for in regards of not just your shoe, but your overall play style.

The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Big Guys


Key Features

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Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vi
  • Nutbuck Material

  • Padding - Yes

  • Price: $

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe
  • Synthetic Material

  • Padding - Yes

  • Price: $

Adidas Mens Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe
  • Synthetic Mesh

  • Padding - Yes

  • Price: $$

Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe
  • Mesh Material

  • Padding - Yes

  • Price: $$

adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker
  • Synthetic / Textile

  • Padding - Yes

  • Price: $$

Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

The Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi offers not only great style but unmatched comfort with the asymmetrical foam collar that fits perfectly around your ankle for that support you need as a big man. There is an air unit placed in the heel of this shoe to assist with impact cushioning along with the perforations in the forefoot that enhances better breathability to avoid sweaty feet.

The leather upper proves to be durable so you can play indoor and outdoors while the rubber outsole gives you great traction, reducing your risk of injury. Great basketball shoes for a big man.


  • Lace-up closure to keep foot in place
  • Padded footbed for toe protection
  • Breathable
  • Supportive upper


  • A little narrow (Pay close attention when choosing size)

Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

If you’re looking for a shoe that can not only handle your size but can keep up with you on the court, theMen’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe is a shoe that does both of these things exceptionally well.

This shoe comes with a molded synthetic upper that is responsible for a responsive fit and the breathable sockliner offers not just increased comfort but it’s both lightweight and breathable also giving you an extra layer of support.

The mid-top design keeps your ankle secure and the traction pattern helps with your on-court movement and quick change of direction. Everything you could ask for in a basketball shoe for a big guy.


  • Great traction
  • Durable synthetic upper
  • EVA midsole


  • Runs small

Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

The Men’s Pro Next Basketball Shoe offers good foundational support because of the platform that measures out to be anywhere from 0-3 inches and the lace closure that secures your foot in place. The textile upper is stylish and durable and offers a comfortable regular fit. The synthetic sole can handle heavy impact, making it shock absorbent, which is important, especially for big guys.


  • Stylish and comfortable fit
  • Durable material
  • Supporting arch


  • Gets dirty easily on the non textured areas
  • Tongue may be too high for some

Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe

The Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe is a mid-top silhouette style shoe that includes a padded ankle collar that not only protects your ankle from friction but adds a level of versatility and comfortability. The Nike Air unit that’s included in this shoe is used to help with hard landings and blowing past defenders. The modified herringbone traction pattern makes the traction of this shoe second to none. The mesh allows for a breathable experience while the tough outsole delivers durability. A shoe made for the big man.


  • Stitched webbing secures your foot
  • Durable outsole
  • Great blend between balance and comfort


  • Toe box is a bit narrow

Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0

If you’re looking for a shoe that is made for comfort while still being durable, the Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0 is definitely a considerable choice not just because of the cushioned collar and tongue that adds support but the soft and comfortable fabric that keeps ventilation circulating through the shoe. This shoe has an included lace-up closure that offers a secure fit and the cupsole adds even more durability to the outsole. Comfy, stylish and high-quality.


  • Cupsole increases durability
  • Cushioned collar and tongue for comfort
  • Synthetic and textile upper


Arch may be uncomfortable for some

Toe area is tight for some

The Breakdown of What To Look for In a Shoe for Big Guys

Player Type

Point Guard – If you are currently playing a position like this one, you’ll need shoes that are lightweight with excellent traction. You’ll be consistently spreading the floor and driving to the rim, which is why you need the traction.

You’ll need some ankle flexibility, so mid or low-top shoes would be great for this position.

If you can get a shoe with a lace up closure, this can also be beneficial as it helps to keep your foot in place when performing quick movements.

Center – Since your job here is to protect the basket, you’ll need shoes that have a lot of padding, along with a durable outsole. You’ll be jumping and landing a lot, so absorbing shock is a pretty important attribute here.

Centers are usually always in the paint, you may not need as much ankle flexibility as you would if you were point guard or power forward. Mid or high-top shoes are great for this position.

Power Forward – Making sure you have shoes that have great ankle support as a power forward is critical. You’ll be guarding and moving so mid-top or high-top shoes are best for this position.

Having a padded tongue, cushioned midsole and a durable toebox will ensure your comfortability and protection while guarding and driving.


When you’re constantly running and jumping, your shoes must be able to absorb the shock that happens when you’re running and jumping. Padding is what keeps you comfortable while helping your shoes cushion the blow.

The most common area of where you’ll see padding is, the tongue, collar and inner sole of the shoe. This not only makes the shoe shock absorbent but provides comfort and prevents friction during gameplay.


The fit of your shoe determines comfortability.

If you’ve ever worn some shoes that were too small, you know what I’m talking about here.

There should be enough space in your shoe for you to comfortably spread your toes and there should be about a centimeter of space from your heel to the back of the shoe.

As an effort to provide a better fit, sneakers will sometimes include lace closures, which lock and secure your foot in place.


When it comes to basketball shoes, traction and grip are important in any circumstance but its even more important when it comes to being a big guy. When you’re running down the court and quickly changing direction, your body is producing force that if your shoes can’t handle, you’ll be slipping all over the place.

This is where traction comes into play.

The bottom of your shoe will have a specific pattern and deep grooves that help it grip to the floor. The most common traction pattern is the herringbone and is known for having a great grip.

Always closely look at the specs of a shoe to see what type of pattern it has, you can also check out user reviews and see what others have to say about their experience with the shoe’s traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what type of player I am?

If you play organized basketball, more than likely you’ll know what position you play but if you’re playing street ball, your actual style of play, will tell the type of player you are.

Do you like to size up, drive in and spread the floor? If so, your play style is more of a point guard.

If you like to dominate the paint and go head up with defenders, your play style is more of a center or power forward.

Take note on the type moves you do in a game and how you like to facilitate your style of gameplay.

How can I improve my gameplay?

Practicing is the single most thing you can do consistently to get better at the game. If you are more of a shooter, make a goal to practice 100+ shot attempts after every game and after enough practice attempts, you will eventually wound up increasing your shooting percentage.

How can I play better as a big man?

When you’re bigger playing basketball, one of the hardest things to keep up with is your endurance. Performance coaching can be extremely beneficial to someone looking to improve their overall stamina and coordination, even if you are a bigger guy.

Time To Improve Your Game

Are you really ready to improve your game as a big man? It all starts with having a strong foundation and that means having a solid and reliable shoe. When looking for a shoe as a bigger guy, you’ll want to pay close attention to how much padding is available, if it fits you comfortably, what kind of traction it has and what type of player you are.

Taking all of these considerations into account will aid you in choosing a shoe that’s just right for you. Out of all the shoes that were tested, we’ve found that the Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is one of the best shoes for a big guy.

It offers great asymmetrical ankle support and has an air unit cushion for being able to effectively absorb shock. A durable outer sole and grip allows for you to play indoors or outdoors. A combination of all of these benefits makes it our tip choice for the best basketball shoes for big guys.