Best Grip Basketball Shoes – A Guide for Basketball Players

Have you been looking for some suitable shoes that provide the best grip and traction? You have come to the right review! We have looked around for the best footwear when it comes to basketball in terms of grip and support and received multiple queries and concerns with regards to the topic.

Therefore, we decided to select the top six best basketball shoes for grip. We only chose the highest rated basketball shoes that have only 5 star reviews, and created a practical list for you. These picks will help you determine the right product to choose from several hundred options available in the market. The reason behind jotting down this information is to create awareness so you will not have to do a lot of research. You can just go through this list and make up your mind accordingly.

Significance of Best Grip Basketball Shoes

All the basketball players know that the game requires effective positioning and speed, and having a firmer grip on the floor. You cannot afford to trip over or fall flat on your face. A shoe that provides the best grip will maintain your balance and ensure that you are always on the ground with the movements which are positive and worthwhile.

If your basketball shoes work appropriately, they will allow you to perform at a higher level. Shoes with a higher level of traction will help you jump, cut, stop, and shoot to the best of your capability. On the other hand, if your shows are not right, you may keep slipping all over the place and even experience unwanted injuries.

The following review will provide details on the best grip basketball shoes, which are quite attractive and useful. These products are desirable for any basketball player, and if you are a player who likes to move swiftly, a shoe with good grip becomes even more essential.


Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

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Going beyond the expectations of the customers, the Crazy Explosive of 2020 provides all the options that are necessary enough. Reviewers from all over the world love everything from the excellent cushioning to the exceptional materials, more fabulous fit, and optimal support. Just as the name implies, you will be able to cut through the crowd and literally explode on the court! You can quickly change positions and start making goals instantly.

These shows have a comprehensive, swirling design on the soles that ensure that you have a superior grip and firmness on any game surface. They are physically very attractive and come in different colors. You can choose from any shade which goes with your personality and preference.

These basketball shoes are 100% synthetic and have a lightweight material that provides excellent durability. The rubber sole boosts energy, having the returning attributes changing every step of the way with an endless supply of support. The mesh tongue and heel support provide an additional amount of ventilation. The rubber on the outer sole provides excellent grip as well.


  • Exceptional grip pattern
  • Durable soles which are long-lasting


  • A sock-like design which can get the foot warm quite easily
  • Does not provide a substantial amount of ankle support

Adidas Crazy Light Boost

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Adidas Crazy Light Boost is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a combination of agility and speed. These basketball shoes have an efficient and breathable textile upper that keeps your feet light and functioning well. Full-length boost provides a unique cushioning while keeping you sturdy on the ground. The TPU wrap further adds to the support and protection functions.

These premium basketball shoes come in multiple colors, and you can choose from the shades that go with your personality. Since they are made from synthetic materials, you do not have to worry about things like durability and protection from environmental factors. The heel cap comes with three stripes, and the TPU wrap provides lateral stability. Since these shoes are lightweight, your feet can breathe and stay secure during any critical game.

The most important aspect of the Adidas Crazy Light Boost is the foam-filled Achilles pillow for additional comfort and ease. If you are looking for the most responsive cushioning, this product should be on top of your list! The more energy you provide, the more speed and accuracy you get.


  • Exceptional grip, particularly on indoor and outdoor courts
  • Useful cushioning with the full boost providing the speedy options
  • Supportive in terms of lateral stability


  • These shoes are particularly fit for wide-footed individuals

Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

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The Under Armour Curry 3 is a Steph Curry product with signature features and characteristics which provide amazing grip and support on the court.  Besides the physical agility and durability that this product has to offer, they are quite lightweight and flexible. This combination and prominent traits make the shoe a perfect selection if you like to cut, shoot, or drive.

The entire outer sole has a signature traction design as the product manufacturer knows the significance of superior grip and what it can add to the game. It comes in a very lightweight design so your feet stay relaxed and well-ventilated, despite the hassle of the game. There are different colors available so you can always pick one that goes with your style and preference.

The most prominent feature of these basketball shoes is the translucent layering of synthetic leather, mesh, and TPU skins for an additional reinforcement. The foam padding in the heel and collar provides an extra level of comfort and ease. The internal counter lining is responsible for the ultimate shift of movements and stability. The rubber outer sole implements herringbone traction notion to provide maximum floor grip and control. You will not miss a goal with these on your feet!


  • Excellent grip with breathable exterior
  • Lightweight material
  • Specialized outer sole designed with perfection
  • Exceptional ankle support


  • Can be difficult to break in
  • These shoes are not additionally reliable

NIKE Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes

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You can expect for these shoes to have an exceptional design and professional qualities are they are designed by one of the most competitive and fierce players in the NBA history. The NIKE Lebron 16 is a great choice for any player. Not only do these live up to the expectations of a durability and agility, these are one the best all-around shoes for grip and support of any type on the court.

Just like the Lebron Soldier 12’s wave-herringbone pattern, the Lebron 16 implements essentially straight lines with a smaller angle to provide one of the best exceptional and supportive grips in recent history. The pattern is extensive and wide enough to push out most of the speed that a player has to offer. For any outdoor games, you can use these shoes and you will not even have to worry about cleaning them for a few months. The rubber is not the regular NIKE kind, but it is stronger than most of the products out there.

The Lebron 16 has a stronger overall setup which provides serious protection from any sort of impact. You still get a quicker feel and smoother movement, particularly after the jumps and shifts. The variable lacing helps in keeping your foot over the floor on hard slides and the double-layered heel cup and the internal padding locks your rear foot in place.


  • Quite durable and long-lasting rubber soles
  • Exceptional grip on any court.


  • These shoes can be quite expensive and heavy on the pocket

Under Armour Spawn

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The Under Armour Spawn is all about high energy performance. This pair of basketball shoes comes with an exceptionally durable cushioning to make sure that you get the best of speed and comfort while playing. The synthetic leather exterior is not just lightweight but also extremely agile and breathable, providing for greater ventilation. If you want to keep your feet dry and cool, you can select this product without a second thought!

The lacing system on the shoe is quite effectual as it will wrap the entire foot to relieve the pressure on the arches. The heel lace system provides a molded heel piece which locks down your foot in case of a possible slip or shift in movement. You can definitely go for these shoes if you play on indoor gyms quite often.

The textile interior lining is extremely comfortable and the mesh tongue adds to the structure and breathability options. With the price you pay, you get a Die-cut EVA sock liner which provides lightweight cushioning and support. You also get a Rubber capsule which improvises the grip and traction level of the shoe. The sole offers exceptional speed attributes and it will ensure that you can shift without falling around, cutting and weaving without any hesitation.


  • Mesh tongue for ventilation
  • Primeknit Xeno exterior
  • Best lockdown with a molded heel piece
  • Exceptional lace system for support and durability


  • The price range can be quite hefty for some customers

NIKE Air Jordan Legacy 312

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The most preferred and advanced option in the basketball game is the ultimate Air Jordan Legacy 312. This product is bound to provide more than your expectations in terms of quality and characteristics. Although it goes back to the previous Air Jordan models, and the elements of Alpha Force basketball shoes, it provides the best of innovation and technology. These are not your regular, every-day basketball sneakers.

If you are looking for a basketball shoe product which can be used on or off the court with the premium style and optimal design, this should be your choice. The leather material which is present in the heel provides the best woven upper custom-made mesh in the front. This combination is extremely efficient to lock down and support your foot making sure that the movements are consistent in all directions.

The internal heel pads provide another comfort level and support your leg into the movements. The Visible Air-Sole unit in the heel will not only support the front of the foot, but it provides reliability for the entire sole. The external rubber sole is durable as well, providing you the required grip on any playing field. The Air Jordan Legacy 312 celebrates the legacy of a player with a special mention to the area code.


  • Leather heel
  • Synthetic exterior
  • Visible Air-Sole
  • Exceptional design


  • Price can be slightly high
  • Things to Consider
  • Being able to play the basketball game with precision and speed is almost like a secret weapon on the playing court. If an individual learns how to cut and have a supportive ground balance, they can have the best performance. A shoe with the best grip can help out even more!
  • There are some distinctive styles of basketball sneakers and each one of them will provide you unique benefits and advantages. While considering which one to purchase, you should keep in mind the quality and price differences and go for the one that fulfill your requirements.
  • Higher top basketball shoes are really optimal for ankle support as they will keep your foot consistent while playing. However, they have a heavier appearance out of all the style. Mid-tops, on the other hand, provide the players a considerable amount of agility and speedy movements. They are not effective for the stability and support but if you do not have any prior injuries, you can opt for these.

Final Verdict

Out of all the products which we have mentioned, NIKE Lebron 16 is the best option for you. These sneakers not only look good, but they have excellent grip on the playing courts. With the traction pattern being adaptive, you can be sure that it will respond to many different cutting movements with a higher-level accuracy and control. These shoes are overall pretty great in the grip and traction category.

Having the best basketball sneaker will not assure that you will play like a professional, but it will surely enhance your comfort levels, grip, stability, and support. You can concentrate on the techniques and game tactics without having to worry about slipping off. Buying the best grip basketball shoe is critical if you are serious about upping your attributes. Style, comfort, fit, and material are the features that will ultimately lead you to success.