LeBron James Debuts The Nike LeBron 16 Low

Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike is one of the most popular names when it comes to basketball shoes. Their shoes are known for the optimal combination of traction, performance, durability, and comfort you can go harder and farther with. They make extremely customized shoes for powerful moves that can take your basketball game to the next level. 

However, there are several basketball shoe models available in the market that range from the basic economic models to the premium basketball shoes designed by your favorite players.  That is why choosing the right pair of shoes is a bit challenging. There are several factors you should consider when you go to make a considerable investment especially when it comes to your most loved game.

Here, we have narrowed down the most popular and best Nike basketball shoes on the Internet.  Now you won’t have to conduct extensive research on the Internet to find a suitable model according to your budget and other requirements because we have got you covered. We have tried our best to provide reviews on the pair of basketball shoes that fit your basic needs.

Following are the six bestselling Nike Basketball shoes available in the market;

6 Best Nike Basketball Shoes Reviews

LeBron James Debuts The Nike LeBron 16 Low

Nike Precision Lii Basketball Shoe

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If you are looking for the all-purpose Nike shoes you can also wear to play basketball with excellence, try this model to take your game to the new height. I have bought this pair and found it extremely amazing at an affordable price. They are comfortable and offer a great fit.

These lightweight basketball sneakers are furnished with the rubber sole that offers greater traction and grip while playing. The sole has two pivot points that offer multi-directional traction. They also assist rational movement with more excellence than any ordinary pair of sneakers. Featuring a high-top shaft with cushioned collars this pair of shoes offers greater comfort and control on the surface. With these shoes, you can not only play the game like a pro but also wear them to perform your day to day chores.

The shoes are very well-engineered with the quarter panel and extra eyelets so that the shoe may fit your feet perfectly. Moreover, these shoes are one of the kind when it comes to durability. They can withstand tough use and are very reliable. Nevertheless, this pair of shoes has a downside as well. The upper mesh material is quiet and does not provide maximum support to the heavy people. They are narrow from the front and the ankle support is that good. However, this pair of shoes is a good deal when we look at the price with a lot of features providing great value for money.


  • Well-engineered shoes for better traction and stability
  • Quarter panel and extra eyelets for a snug fit
  • They are all-purpose sneakers
  • These shoes assist rotational motion


  • Poor ankle support
  • Not for heavy people

Nike Lebron 16 Low

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Nike Lebron 16 low sneakers are one of the most popular picks among basketball players. It provides great traction and grip on the tough surfaces whether you have to play on the hardwood or the blacktop. It offers good stability on the surfaces because of the hard groovy sole that offers a better grip.  The Air Cushioning system is simply incredible. The feet feel super-light like you are walking on the clouds.

As far as the material is concerned, the shoes are made up of durable and comfortable material. The material does not hurt even after wearing them for a long time. The shoes are quite soft and supportive. They provide great ankle support that makes them a considerable choice. Besides, these low-top shoes fit your feet perfectly. The material is designed to conform to your foot’s shape.

The iconic basketball shoes are furnished with a textile upper and are a reasonable choice if you want to enjoy better ankle support. These low-top shoes feature everything you expect from mid-top basketball shoes at a very affordable price.  However, some people find the cushioning very thick and stiff which does not offer a very comfy feel. Looking at the design, the custom Lace-up shoes lock your feet in no time and come in fashionable impressive looks and striking sporty colors like Black, Blue, green, and red.


  • Super-light sneakers
  • They have soft and conforming interior
  • These shoes offer excellent ankle support
  • Great traction and stability on the tough surfaces
  • Fashionable looks


  • Stiff cushioning

Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes

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Here is an aesthetically appealing design that grabbed our attention among many of the Nike basketball shoes. This model is one of the most popular picks among the basketball players in the Nike KD signature line. It is Nike’s huge success due to its exotic style. The simple and elegant design is timeless and liked by people of all ages. I wore these shoes with my slim-cut capris and it was a stunning combo I received thousands of compliments for.

Overall, the shoes are very lightweight featuring an adaptive strap that locks your foot down in the shoes conveniently while the moveable tongue helps you to fit them perfectly. The shoes are made using breathable stuff and are extremely suitable for the narrow-footers.  However, there are certain reasons why this pair of shoes is not the best choice. It does not provide full support due to its irritating collar. It is armed with a thunderbolt rubber sole that is soft but wears downs easily so it can provide good traction up to a certain time.

Also, the tight toe compartment and the sloped cut at the sideways hurts the foot and it may likely cause blisters to the feet due to which some people do not find them worth the handsome amount of money. All in all, the shoes are great if you are conscious about the appearance but not a great choice if you are looking at the durability and comfort.


  • These shoes have an appealing appearance and design
  • Breathable and cool stuff
  • Good for narrow-footers
  • Great traction while playing


  • It is not comfortable

The rubber sole is not durable

Nike LeBron 17 Basketball Shoes

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Nike LeBron 17 is one of the best basketball shoes produced by Nike. They are a great combination of performance, comfort, and support. The power-packed pair of shoes is extremely easy and comfortable to wear. These shoes are very well-cushioned to provide you utmost comfort. The cushioning is thick but not stiff. The traction and stability it offers are one of the kinds along with the support and control.

These shoes are very lightweight. They are suitable for the hardwood as well as the off the wood. They are equipped with airbags that provide excellent support and protection to the feet. This is how Nike has tried to help you optimize the game. As far as the material is concerned, the innovative shoes are made by combining Nike’s own invention Knitposite with FlyKnit. The yarns are heat molded to weave a better version of the shoes. The material is very soft and lightweight.

Moreover, these shoes are equipped with a large heat unit for better shock-absorption. These shoes have a traditional laced-up pattern that locks down your feet securely and comfortably. Nike LeBron 17 is the high-top shoes equipped with a strong and durable rubber sole with a unique traction pattern for traction on the hardwood. However, the traction pattern is not dust-resistant due to which it may lose grip on the surface. Moreover, the cushioning is very thick that does not offer the comfier feel expected from such a pricey pair. Another downside is the price. These shoes are quite expensive due to which many of the users do not afford to buy them.


  • Made of a unique material
  • Great traction and grip on the hardwood
  • Well-cushioned shoes for maximum support
  • Durable rubber sole


  • Pricey Shoes
  • Very thick cushioning

Nike LeBron Soldier 13 Basketball Shoes

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If you want to buy an easy-to-wear pair of shoes then Nike LeBron 13 basketball shoes are a must-try. These shoes fit perfectly to your feet and equipped with an easy lockdown mechanism with two straps. The straps also feature an adjustable lock that assists in a better fit.  Due to the snug fit, it is recommended for the wide-footers to buy these shoe half size up. These shoes are padded with very supportive and responsive cushioning.

 Another notable feature is the traction and grip they offer, no matter how challenging the court is. These shoes are more responsive and stable than the previous models produced by Nike in this line. These shoes provide great control over the hardwood due to their grippy sole with the Herringbone pattern. This type of traction pattern is suitable to play on a variety of surfaces.

 These Nike shoes are durable and made up of reliable and flexible Ripstop material. Moreover, they have a foam midsole and a bottom-loaded heel featuring the air units that offer maximum responsiveness. These shoes are available in vibrant color combinations including Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink, etc. Overall, these shoes are a profitable deal with the reasonable combination of features a basketball player may need except one downside i.e the shoes get hot when worn for a long time.  As far as the price is concerned, these shoes are a pretty good choice at a competitive price.


  • Competitive price
  • Made up of durable Ripstop material
  • Great fit for narrow footers
  • Supportive and responsive cushioning
  • Suitable for all surfaces


  • The shoes get hot
  • Very narrow for the wide-footers

Nike AlphaDunk Basketball Shoes

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If you cannot compromise on the comfort of your foot then Nike AlphaDunk is a considerable choice because if you are not comfortable, you cannot play the game efficiently. Nike AlphaDunk makes sure that that the material does not hurt your foot. These shoes feel great in the foot. They are soft, flexible, and super-responsive giving them an edge over the ordinary basketball shoes available in the market. They are designed to provide great support and responsiveness.

Moreover, these shoes are a suitable choice for large-footers. Finding the right shoe has always been a challenge for the large-footers so Nike has made the model keeping the special needs in mind. High-top shoes are easy to wear and put-off. They are lightweight and have an intelligent locking mechanism.  These shoes are designed to withstand rough and tough courts. These shoes have a large zoom unit assisting responsiveness and offering maximum support. They are equipped with a strong and durable rubber sole with a unique traction pattern offering the grip.

Nile AlphaDunk has a traditional locking mechanism that uses flywire straps and also features a padded collar that adds value to the support. Furthermore, the shoes have a FlyKnit construction and external heel-cups that offer stability. These high-shoes are available in Black, grey, Orange, and Pink color at a considerable price.  


  • Great support and responsiveness
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Best for large-footers
  • Easy to wear and lightweight


  • Very high price
  • Sole is not dust-resistant which affects traction

Final Words

There is no doubt that Nike makes a few of the best iconic shoes in the world. Moreover, it makes a lot of models in which one will definitely fit every basketball player. However, choosing one is a real dilemma. That is why we have reviewed a few of the highly-rated Nike Basketball shoes to help you out!

Our collection includes a reasonable pair of shoes for all the enthusiastic basketball players who need good basketball sneakers according to their requirements. We hope that you will definitely get your desired pair in our collection. Also, let us know about your experience and reviews of the best basketball shoe available in the market Cheers.