Best Poolside Basketball Hoops

Summertime is fast approaching and one thing to do at that time of the year is frolic in the pool. If you do like basketball, why not frolic in the pool and play hoops at the same time? Genius, right? Well, you can actually do more than that! Try searching for the best poolside basketball hoops and compare them all side-by-side. At the end of this review, we hope that we did help you decide on which poolside basketball hoop you should go for.

Runners-Up for the Best Poolside Basketball Hoops

Poolmaster 72820 Splashback Poolside Basketball Game

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The Poolmaster 72820 Splashback Poolside Basketball hoop has an all-weather, sturdy backboard and all of the makings of a solid poolside basketball hoop. Of course, this is NOT your driveway goal so there’s a NO DUNKING sticker in there for a reason. If you channel your inner Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine in there, don’t expect any poolside basketball hoop to hold up. 

If you prefer a steel rim, then this is is also no the hoop for you. If your poolside games have younger kids as participants, you may also want to replace the ball with a smaller one so as not to shatter everybody’s confidence. 

Now, if you want to strengthen the base, it is recommended to fill it with sand rather than water. In any case, it would ultimately be up to you how long this poolside basketball hoop lasts. If you treat it as it should, it could be your companion for many summers to come.

SwimWays Poolside Basketball Hoop

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Unlike the Poolmaster 72820 Splashback Poolside Basketball hoop which only has a 14-inch backboard, SwimWays has a 22.5-inch backboard, making it more stable. It is also quick and easy to assemble, so the kids should be out and active in no time. 

Probably a downside of the SwimWays basketball hoop is it may need a little adjustment here and there to keep the rim from bending or from twisting and tipping over. And if you are someplace where the heat could be infernal, the net may not last too long. 

Value Pick for the Best Poolside Basketball Hoop

Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop

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We did pick the Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop as the lone value as a poolside basketball hoop. Why? Because of the combination of price and stability. While many of the purchasers complain about the packaging and whatnot, many also rave about how the Pro Rebounder Poolside basketball hoop survived for years even under direct sunlight!

The best thing about this unit is the price, which starts at just under $82. If you want some fancy but unneeded stuff like the NBA or Lakers logo, you may have to pay $40 more, but we suggest you stay put and save it. 

If there’s something to complain about the Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop set, it must be the ball. It is made of cheap plastic and light as hell that you couldn’t shoot it straight in a slight breeze. Thankfully, you can replace it with any ball from a sporting goods store that you like, which is what we are suggesting in the first place.

Our Favorites for the Best Poolside Basketball Hoop

SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set

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What’s better than a game of basketball? A game of basketball and volleyball! Yes, the Swimways 2-in-1 pool sports combo set allows you to play basketball and volleyball, all at only 83 bucks! That’s twice the fun and value!

Will it last long? Yes, it most certainly does! One purchaser bought two sets in– wait for this– the last 12 years! As long as nobody’s going crazy with the dunks, you can be confident that it will survive long enough for you to change pets. You may have to change the nets every once in a while, but it’s no big deal.

Again, if we are going to nitpick a negative on the SwimWays 2-in-1 pool sports set, it could be the net on the volleyball set. Some complain that it’s either too flimsy or too long for their pool. Volleyball is too hard to play on the water anyway, so we reckon it’s not a deal-breaker.

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game, Includes Poolside Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump

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If we had to choose one out of all the poolside basketball hoops available at, it would be the GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball. As far as we’re concerned, it checks all the boxes as far as durability, ease of installation, and practicality.

Here, allow us to count the ways: The three bolts that secure the rim are more than enough support and it does not rust! Another thing is that it assembles in 15 minutes or less. Again, the best part of all is its durability. That alone and you’ll never go wrong. Flaunt this at your next pool party and this will be a hit!

How to Choose the Best Poolside Basketball Hoop

In choosing the best poolside basketball hoop, there are factors to consider.  Some of those things are the kind of pool you have, your budget, and the ages of the people who are going to use it.

If you have an in-ground pool, you have the luxury of choosing from a variety of poolside basketball hoops. If your pool is above the ground, your choice could boil down to floating hoops instead of the poolside hoops we have shown in this review.

The trickier part is the budget. Should you choose a unit that is priced a bit more but is proven to last years? Or are you going to roll the dice with a cheap one and hope it lasts the entire summer? In any case, deciding the best swimming pool basketball hoop for you (and your family) is part of the fun and adventure.

Final Thoughts: The Best Poolside Basketball Hoops

As mentioned, deciding which poolside basketball hoops fit your needs is based on a variety of factors. Let’s say, the choice boils down to the two favorites– the SwimWays 2-in-1 combo and the GoSports Splash Hoop, which should you choose? Quite frankly, your decision hinges on which attribute you find more appealing– the extra sport that SwimWays offers or the proven durability of the GoWays unit. 

The majority will often choose the bang-for-the-buck toughness of the GoWays Splash Hoop Pro. However, sometimes how you take care of your things often contributes to the longevity of the product. As we have noted, one purchaser of the SwimWays 2-in-1 only had to change the unit once in 12 years!

With all that being said, we hope we have pointed you in the right direction as far as deciding about the best poolside basketball for you. Remember that the more important part is not the money, but the fun and enjoyment it will bring to the family. That’s the meaning of togetherness.