Daily Fantasy Basketball: NBA DFS Strategy Tips for Beginners

The NBA season is upon us. More importantly, NBA daily fantasy basketball is back. Here are 3 daily fantasy basketball tips for beginners.

Play Beginner Contests

Most DFS sites allow players to play in beginner contests which include 50/50 cash (double up’s) or Head-to-Head.  This can be beneficial as you will be playing against players who are fairly new to the game as opposed to DFS veterans.  The chances of winning these contests are much better than the normal cash game contests because a lower score may be needed to win.

Pay Attention to Player News for Injuries 

The NBA is notorious for having last minute injuries and scratches to players.  Since injuries impact daily fantasy basketball more than in any other daily fantasy sport, it is important to keep an eye out on the latest player news.  I highly recommend checking out Rotoworld and Rotowire for late-breaking news and alerts. If a starter is injured, often times another player will benefit from him not being on the floor. Therefore, you should target the other starters or the replacement player.

Target players in high total games

Vegas odds and totals are an important to pay attention when deciding who to roster in your daily fantasy basketball lineup. It is imperative to target players in fast tempo games, which often means high totals perceived by the Vegas Oddsmakers.  Any time there are games with Vegas totals of over 210 points, it is more beneficial to target players in those games as opposed to a total with 180 points.

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