Same Faces, New places

After a wild summer of NBA transactions, some big names are now playing in different cities with completely different roles. Players such as Lebron James, Trevor Ariza, Isaiah Thomas, and more all are in new places with different roles. Huge name players such as Lebron James’ roles wont change wherever they go, but a lot of secondary players roles change from team to team, and thats why I’m here to help.

Chandler Parsons-Dallas Mavericks SF

Back in Houston it was very difficult for Parsons to constantly get shots up. He was competing with both James Harden and Dwight Howard night in and night out. It is well known in the media, that both Dwight and Harden out-goingly considered themselves the only two star players on the team.

Now in Dallas with an aging Dirk Nowitzki, and in inconsistent Monta Ellis starring last year. Parsons will have plenty of opportunities to prove he is a budding star in the Association. He should have no problems getting the ball in his hands, along with the shots he needs to be a mid to top tier performer for daily fantasy players this season.

Isaiah Thomas- Phoenix Suns PG

After a couple seasons with the Kings, Isaiah Thomas will see a big minute reduction now playing for the suddenly guard heavy Suns. The suns already have two starting guards in Goran Dragic, and Eric Bledsoe. Along with the explosive Gerald Green coming off the bench. Thomas would be a viable play if Dragic or Bledsoe were to get injured, but for now I’ll be staying away from him.

Trevor Ariza-Houston Rockets-SF

Trevor Ariza is a player who is changing teams, but his role should stay similar if not the same. He will be replacing Parsons in Houston, and should play a similar role that he played in Washington last year. He should always be a reliable play at small forward, however he has huge upside when his three ball is on point.

Lance Stephenson- Charlotte Hornets- SG

After a couple seasons playing a secondary role for the Pacers, Lance Stephenson is ready to be the man in Charlotte. Still very young at 24 Stephenson has been a rising star in the league for a couple years now. Surrounded by a strong supporting class including Kemba Walked and Al Jefferson, the Hornets will be serious contenders in the east this year.

Carlos Boozer-LA Lakers PF

Last season Taj Gibson was digging into Boozer’s minutes. While his age could play a factor, the Lakers were in desperate need for a starting Power Forward with Paul Gasol’s definite departure. They have found a solid replacement in Boozer who should put up solid rebound and point per game numbers all season long if he stays healthy.

Other Names on the Move

Jeremy Lin- LAL

Thabo Sefolosha- ATL

Jodie Meeks-DET

Shaun Livingston- GSW

Vince Carter-MEM

Danny Granger -MIA

Luol Deng- MIA

Kendall Marshall-MIL

Jimmer Fredette-NO

Darren Collison-SAC

Paul Pierce-WAS