Jan. 17, 2016– NBA Stats Of The Day Worthy Of A Second Look

1. Isaiah Thomas best point guard in the East and best contract of all NBA?

One Redditor noted Isaiah Thomas‘ production relative to his contract. The Boston Celtics point guard is tops in all Eastern Conference in points per game, second in assists, but makes only half as much as Kyle Lowry and a third as much as John Wall.

Something tells me a MAX CONTRACT is in the works once this ridiculous contract is over.

2. James Harden gets to the line almost at will.

The Beard has shot 2,693 FT attempts since joining Houston. During that span, Kevin Durant is a distant second at 1,954 FTA.

3. Ish Smith making a difference in Philly.

The Sixers started 1-30 with a net rating of -13.6. After Ish Smith‘s arrival, they have gone 4-7 with a net rating of -3.98.

4. It’s the second time this happened in the season…

that Golden State lost and Philadelphia won in the same night. The first one was last December 30, where the Sixers won over Sacramento and the Warriors lost in Dallas;

5. J.J. Redick

Photo via: Basketball Insiders