March 29, 2016– 5 Interesting NBA Facts and Stats

1. Kawhi Leonard is great but…

it’s clear his bread-and-butter is NOT scoring. There are a gazillion of NBA players right now who have better single-game career-high in points than the San Antonio forward (Kawhi’s career high is 32 points, by the way) . This guy has a lot of time so he took the liberty to list down ALL of the players mentioned.

2. Strictly talking about assists, John Stockton is in a league of his own.

The Utah Jazz legend has averaged at least 13.5 assists for FIVE CONSECUTIVE SEASONS. In comparison, Magic Johnson only had one season where he averaged 13 assists an outing, and that was the ’83-’84 season.

3. Marcus Smart, you can stop shooting threes now.


For the season, Smart has taken 215 three-pointers, and has hit just 54 of them, for a .254 3PT%. In the history of the NBA, 1,943 players have taken at least 200 three-pointers in an individual season. The highest percentage hit was Tim Legler’s .522 3PT% in 1995-1996 (128-for-245). The worst of those 1,943, right now, is Marcus Smart this season. Smart is literally enduring the worst season shooting three pointers in NBA history.

4. Oh my! Have you heard of this guy Paul Millsap?

5. Rudy Gobert took 3 years to make a shot this long.

To nobody’s surprise, it’s against the Los Angeles “We’re giving free buckets” Lakers.

Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports