NBA DFS Picks Sept. 9, 2020: Bargain Picks To Consider

It was pretty much good pickings from my last suggestions, with Jae Crowder and Rajon Rondo, but PJ Tucker, George Hill, and Markieff Morris fall way short. However, if you went with Crowder and Rondo along with the number of better options out there, that should net a win in most leagues.

In my opinion, the two games tomorrow will provide us a lot of options at the middle, especially on the Toronto-Boston series. On the Nuggets-Clippers series, it’s more of hit or miss, but there are still plenty of names. For this game day, I’d go for Pascal Siakam, Paul George, Kyle Lowry, and Fred VanVleet, and go my way from there.

For the bargain picks, here are the NBA DFS picks Sept. 9, 2020:

1.) Marcus Smart, SG, Celtics

Yahoo: $20

DraftKings: $6,500

FanDuel: $5,700

Smart has been very consistent in this series with fantasy points in the high20s. He is averaging 10.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, and five assists over the past 3 games.

2.) OG Anunoby, SF, Raptors

Yahoo: $21

DraftKings: $6,000

FanDuel: $5,700

Consistency is what you’re seeking here and that’s what Anuonby brings to the table. He is averaging 10 points, 6.7 rebounds, 1.7 steals, and 1.7 blocks over the past three games.

3.) Gary Harris, SG, Nuggets

Yahoo: $12

DraftKings: $4,600

FanDuel: $5,300

Harris has experienced a renaissance the last game with 10 points, six assists, and four steals. He is a hit or miss, but this is what DFS is all about.

4.) Marc Gasol, C, Raptors

Yahoo: $10

DraftKings: $4,100

FanDuel: $4,400

If Serge Ibaka can’t go, he will probably play more minutes and look more to score. He just played 14 minutes last game in a blowout, but if they manage to keep this game close, I have no doubt he’ll be able to give 20-25 FP.

5.) Daniel Theis, C, Celtics

Yahoo: $16

DraftKings: $5,400

FanDuel: $5,600

Theis has also been pretty consistent over the course of the series averaging 8.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 1.8 blocks. He has also played 30 minutes in three of the four games, so he has the opportunity to replicate his statistics once more.

Featured Image: AP Photo, Mark J. Terrill