NBA Fantasy Forecaster Week 14 (Jan.26 – Feb.1)

The NBA All-Star Game is just around the corner and you may have heard the five starters from each conference are all good to go. All of them deserved the call, except maybe Kobe Bryant, who has done nothing this conference but pass (to teammates and non-teammates), shoot bricks, and basically little else. (To be fair, the passing of Michael Jordan as the third all-time leading scorer is one heck of an achievement, but it’s more of a lifetime feat than an in-season effort.)

Speaking of the All-Star game, many people argue that the East-leading Atlanta Hawks deserve four guys in there but could realistically settle for two (Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap). The Western powerhouse Golden State Warriors has one starter in, Steph Curry, but could get dangerously close of getting their players snubbed for the showcase in New York this February 15th.

That’s the talk up until Friday. That’s the notion we have before the Warriors-Kings tiff. After Klay Thompson’s phenomenal performance, the NBA should create a roster opening if opposing coaches fail to get him in a plane to the Big Apple to play on Sunday. Or suspend whoever doesn’t vote Klay in. The idea of Thompson not donning an All-Star uniform is preposterous, borderline ridiculous, and would make me lose faith in humanity altogether. Gladly, that show versus Boogie’s wards should be enough.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is Thompson’s historic 37-point third-quarter performance last Friday at the Oracle Arena.

Case on point: 13 for 13 for the quarter including nine triples with two free throws. 52 for the game, which ties Mo Williams for the season-high honors. Could have went for more and get 60 or 70 but obviously, Steve Kerr doesn’t want to waste bullets on dead targets.

Again, couldn’t say this enough, Klay Thompson is an All-Star.

NBA Fantasy Forecaster Week 14: Players To Watch For

Matt Barnes

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The Clippers is one of the few teams with a very favorable schedule next week with games against Denver, Utah, and New Orleans. Five players is already roster-worthy for them and a sixth could be looming in the person of Matt Barnes. The multi-tattoed forward is recording almost 13 points with over two treys for the past 15 days and surely, the 5.7 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal averaged over that same span don’t hurt either. The three aforementioned teams are mediocre at best in preventing opponents’ three-point FG%, which as you might know, is Barnes’ forte.

D.J. Augustin

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Brandon Jennings went down what was initially thought as a leg injury but as soon as the spitfirish guard tweeted he could miss up to 9 months, we know something more serious was up, maybe an Achilles tear. That leaves D.J. Augustin the point guard to lean upon in the near future with the Pistons a game and a half behind current eight seed Charlotte Bobcats. Augustin’s per 36 minutes numbers are good but not great (14 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists), but by all means, he should be rostered in any formats now that he’s going to step up as the starter for Motor City.

Jameer Nelson

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One-time All-Star Jameer Nelson has bounced around the league like a ping-pong ball this season but that hasn’t stopped him from playing well at the Mile High City. With Ty Lawson facing a possible suspension and Randy Foye seemingly couldn’t get in Brain Shaw‘s good side, Nelson has been superb in his short stint with the Nuggets. For his 15 points, 5.8 assists and two treys, I will snag him up especially in the daily leagues if I require another guard with a cheap salary.