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The Rock Basketball Review

Basketball is an exciting game. It is not only fun to watch but also fun to play. However, this fast-paced game largely depends upon the perfect basketball. The basketball enthusiasts understand this fact very well and do not compromise on the quality of the ball.

This is why I have come up with a review on The Rock Basketball, which is a top-tier option among the best basketballs available in the market. We bet that your indoor basketball game will never be more fun without this cool ball once you buy it because it offers far better performance than any other branded ball available in the market.

So, let’s look at some of the best features this exceptional basketball by Anaconda Sports offers. We hope that this incredible basketball will definitely grab your attention. 

The Rock- Basketball - Official Mens
The Rock- Basketball – Official Mens

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The ball is very well-engineered and offers remarkable performance. The exterior of the ball is made up of the patented sponge rubber that is super-soft and scuff-resistant. The ball does not wear down even after years of play and offers the same gameplay every time you want to play with it.

The secure feel differentiates the rock ball from the rest of the basketballs, and you do not find it slipping from your hands like the ordinary balls. The ball is extremely reliable to handle; however, it is solely designed for indoor use, and using it outdoors will lead it to the wear soon.

Grip and Traction

The Rock has a tacky grip. It is the most notable feature one may buy The rock for. It offers great traction even at the slippery or wet surface and also when it is wet itself. It absorbs moisture and seems like it performs better when the surface is moist. Moreover, it is made to offer the best grip on the indoor surface as compared to other basketballs. I am a basketball trainer and consider it quite easy to handle to its exceptional traction on the wooden court.

Core to Cover Technology

The Core to Cover or C2C technology makes it a considerable choice for basketball lovers. The pebbled design and high-precision performance add great value to your experience. It has a 100% Nylon wound texture offering better grip and traction on any indoor surface. Moreover, it is reinforced with the double-ply butyle bladder that makes it a powerful option for the basketball players.


The Rock has the deeper pebbled channels that serve a basketball player in a better way. They are purposely designed to provide a better grip as compared to the balls having smooth channels. The one-piece channels do not use adhesives and are wider than the ordinary basketballs.

Air Retention

The ball retains air for a longer period of time. The standard air pressure in basketball is between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per inch. This ball does not lose air constantly, but you may need to inflate the ball in winters if you find the air lost.


You always need a great bounce on the surface when you play basketball. Usually, the balls with the deeper channels do not bounce well, but The Rock basketball is consistent enough to bounce better.

Official Game ball and Size

Buying the right size is important, according to where you are playing basketball. Therefore, you should always consider the ball’s specifications before adding one into the cart. The Rock Basketball comes in three standard sizes, i.e., Size 5, 6, and 7.

Size 5 has a circumference of 27.5 inches, and it is suitable for the lighter games of kids aging between 9 to 11. Size 6 is suitable for the standard women game and for the teenagers as well. It has a circumference of 28.5 Inches while Size 7 has 29.5 inches circumference, and it is appropriate for the standard game of men and boys aging 15 and above.


This ball is a good deal for a reasonable and competitive price. It is not too expensive like the rest of the basketballs, including Wilson Evo, Molten or Baden, etc. but still manages to offer the most enjoyable gameplay without getting worn so soon.  I can bet that you will not find such an incredible ball at this small price.


  • Offers great grip and stability
  • Best for indoor use
  • Very affordable as compared to other famous brands
  • Deep pebbled channels offering high precision performance
  • It has a durable and reliable built and quality
  • It has an easy to handle design


  • The grip wears off
  • It is not suitable for outdoor use

the rock basketball

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Rock Basketball is suitable for Outdoor use?

No, the Rock basketball is not suitable for outdoor use. It is specifically designed for the indoor gameplay and wears down quickly if played on a firm surface.

Who makes The Rock Basketball?

The maker of The Rock Basketball is not a much-known brand but a relatively new name. It is a privately owned company name John Stote’s Anaconda Sports.

What is the most notable feature of The Rock Basketball?

The most noteworthy feature that attracts a basketball freak is its grip on the surface. It is a moisture-wicking ball that feels tacky on the slippery surface; however, the channels are not glued at all. Moreover, the deeper channels also add great value to this ball. The durable quality and great lifespan make it a considerable choice at a competitive price.

Where to buy the Rock Basketball?

The Rock Basketball is available at the different local stores; however, you can easily buy it online on Amazon.

Final Words

Anaconda Sports is not a big name like the pioneers of basketball i.e., Nike, Wilson, Spalding, but still, the Rock Basketball is an ideal choice for basketball lovers due to its excellent grip, unique channel design, and bounce it offers at any surface. All in all, it is a great indoor basketball that offers exceptional value at a very affordable price.

The Rock- Basketball - Official Mens
The Rock- Basketball – Official Mens

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