Some Unbelievable Numbers From The 2016 NBA Finals Game 1

The 2016 NBA Finals Game 1 is strange to say the least.

LeBron James flirted with a triple-double but I swear it’s the quietest 23-12-9 stat line you will ever see. Steph Curry barely made it to double digits and Klay Thompson were never really in it but the Golden State Warriors still prevailed over the Cleveland Cavaliers, 104-89.

Here’s more unbelievable numbers from the 2016 NBA Finals Game 1:

1. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are HUGE defensive liabilities.

Of the two, Irving was worse. The Dubs Effective FG% was 66.7% when guarded by Kyrie and 61.5% when guarded by Love. For more of this breakdown, check the article here.

2. 15 years in the making

3. Nobody from the Cavs shot 50%.

Meanwhile, Andre Iguodala went 5-for-9, Andrew Bogut 5-for-7, Shaun Livingston 8-for-10, and Leandro Barbosa 5-for-5.

4. Steph and Klay

This time around, the sharp-shooting duo almost did not have to do anything but cheer. They combined for 20 points, the lowest output this season.

5. Bench Mob

6. Iso ball does not work… almost

7. So, you’re the culprit

Photo: USA Today