Why Should You Switch To Playing NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball?

The first time I get to play fantasy basketball was around the early 2000’s and boy was I pumped up! I get to be a General Manager for a year and competing against fellow basketball fanatics is always a joy.

But then again, it gets old. Quickly.

Yes, I still do draft my teams annually (no auto-picks for me) and set my line-up day in and day out, but it bores the hell out of me knowing most of my colleagues does not share the same passion as I have in going about those things. They stop tinkering line-ups one month into season and never come back! Sometimes, I deliberately drop mid-tier players for them to pick up but they don’t even care.

So, what am I saying?

I need some spice in my now-bland fantasy basketball life and thanks to daily fantasy basketball, it offers exactly the different kind of pizzazz I’m looking for. The season-long variety still holds a special place in my heart, but daily fantasy basketball is like the cute new dog my girlfriend gave me for our anniversary. You feel what I’m saying?

Anyway, the point is: If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool basketball fan, there’s no reason why you’re not creating a line-up in DFS sites RIGHT NOW. If you’re lazy, it’s built for you; if you’re greedy, all the more.

Here are more reasons why you should switch to playing NBA daily fantasy basketball.

No Season-long Heartaches

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Full season fantasy leagues allows you to recover and gain ground if you fall behind in categories but if injuries happen to key players midway, the opposite could happen too. For example, if you used a first-round pick on Kevin Durant, wouldn’t his 25 missed games make a big dent out of your team’s overall production?

On the contrary, daily fantasy basketball doesn’t expose you to such heartaches. If you missed an injury report for your line-up today, you can bounce right back up tomorrow. The pain of the present is a no-carry to the future. Ain’t that nice?

Money Ball

How about the idea of literally winning cash, does that appeal to you? Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect a win everyday but there are game types that allow greater chances of winning. There is a H2H league which matches you up with one other player (the winner gets the cash) and 50/50’s (top half receives cash). The best part of it all is you still have a chance to rake in money without even risking a nickel! DFS sites like Draft Day, Draft Kings, and FanDuel have freeroll leagues that doesn’t require a bet for an entry. Now, how cool is that!

Fun, Fun, and More Fun!

I’m speaking from experience here but every time I play daily fantasy basketball, it’s always a “kid in a candy store” experience. Not only do I get to tinker with different line-ups everyday and find ways to tame the game, so to speak, I essentially get paid doing the thing I love the most. The possibilities are endless and the more you play, the more chances of real earnings you get. Doesn’t get more fun than that!