NBA Fantasy Basketball: How To Prepare For Fantasy Basketball Playoffs

The NBA fantasy basketball playoffs is weeks away but like the exciting playoffs race in real NBA, preparation is key. In the hard-fought weeks leading to fantasy post-season, we should get ready and talk about strategy before it’s too late. Here are some pointers for you (and me) to ace our fantasy basketball playoffs:

1.) Get To Know Yourself

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Like real NBA teams, fantasy teams have their identities– strengths, so to speak, as well as weaknesses. It would be best if you know which categories are your strongholds and where you struggle. In the playoffs, punting categories can be a little tricky because you will be battling other strong teams. Can you shore up your weaknesses by adding players that can help without sacrificing your strengths? If you can, then pull the trigger.

2.) Work The Wire… Always

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That said, after the trade deadline, you have no other ways to turn to but the wire. The wire is your friend so keep on the lookout for tanking teams who give more playing time to youngsters at the tail end of the season. Should the Grizzlies decide to shut Mike Conley down, will Jevon Carter soak up the minutes at PG? If the Pels do the same to Anthony Davis, perhaps Jahlil Okafor’s rebounding and underrated shot-blocking help your big-man stats. At every season’s tail end, there won’t be any shortage of help even though you may have to muster up some courage who you’ll let go.

3.) Check The Schedule

Checking the schedule should not just be done in the playoffs but over the course of the season. (Here is ESPN’s Weekly Schedule Grid for 2018-19.) Replaceable players that round up your rosters should be checked if they have shaky schedules down the stretch. There may be someone on the wire who have better schedules (an extra game or two) and you should do this fast especially if your leagues lock rosters on Mondays.

4.) Do Some Scouting

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One thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need to beat your opponents up in categories in the playoffs. You only have to defeat them in one more category so it’s not important if it’s an 8-1 blowout or a 5-4 squeaker. You need to advance in whatever means necessary.

If the seedings are pretty much set, try to do some advanced scouting. Assess the structure of his roster and find out where he ranks in each category and then tailor your own roster setting accordingly. Of course, that does not mean blowing up an entire roster for ONE opponent. Adjustments on fringe rotation players may be the difference between advancing and going phishing.

5. Reinforce Your Strengths

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This may sound like the opposite of the advice under No. 1 and 2, but any changes to your roster must only be done without sacrificing your strengths. In fact, you just need to fortify it. Instead of rounding up roster spots simply to shore up on your weaknesses, double down on your strengths especially if you estimate it to be 5 of the 9 categories. It doesn’t matter where. The magic number is 5.

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