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10 Best Fantasy Basketball Seasons Of All Time

Superstars dropping huge stat lines on a nightly basis are common occurrences in the NBA not only today but going two, three, or even four decades back. The league did not record blocks until 1973-74 so many of George Mikan's or Bill Russell's or Wilt Chamberlain's big stat lines were lost. Nevertheless, we are still left with some of the best fantasy basketball seasons ever starting with some old school stuff. 1.) Wilt Chamberlain, 1961-1962 espn.com Back when the NBA only records points, Read More

5 Best Statistical Games Of Kevin Garnett’s Career

Kevin Garnett was a statistical powerhouse in his prime like no other. The long-limbed Garnett was the only player in NBA history to average at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists in nine consecutive seasons (from 1998-99 to 2006-07). And when he's not busy doing those three things, he can collect defensive numbers just as easy. (Garnett averaged a combine 2.7 steals + blocks in his career that spanned 21 seasons.)
As a salute to The Big Ticket's retirement, here are the 5 best statistical Read More

Five Amazing NBA Stats Of The Day

Here's your dose of Five Amazing NBA Stats Of The Day:
1. Tom Chambers and Antawn Jamison
What does the two former All-Stars and high-scorers have in common? They might be the only 20,000-point scorers in the NBA that may never see the Hall of Fame.

Bonus: Chambers is the first-ever unrestricted free agent in league history
2. Regarding the latest NBA rule change...

Adam Silver says they've calculated that Hack-a rule changes will reduce 45% of away-from-play fouls.
— Baxter Holmes Read More

10 Weirdest NBA Rituals of All Time

If you think something that is glorious, baffling, scary, and weird at the same time, it's got to be the rituals of NBA players. Like their predecessors, there are a handful of modern hoops athletes that follow certain routines that are-- quite frankly-- just too weird for this computer age.

Well, we can say anything we want, but I guess it just boils down for personal preference. Different strokes for different folks.

Here are the weirdest NBA rituals of all time:
Rajon Rondo's Pre-Game Ritual

Rajon Read More