What Are The Types Of Daily Fantasy Basketball Games?

What Are The Types Of Daily Fantasy Basketball Games?

When we play NBA Fantasy Basketball, we play because a.) we are an avid fan of the NBA, b.) we enjoy the thought of being somewhat like a real NBA general manager, owning different NBA stars in your team and lastly c.) We enjoy playing with numbers and predicting statistics with our players which ends up involving trades and transactions. Just like the real thing.

What if I tell you that NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball will also give you the chance to make lots of money while just watching your favorite NBA stars play the game?, Great Deal right? and you can try it out for free and if you decide you want to make more money then you just purchase funds to bet more to win more.

Why just limit yourself playing free boring seasonal fantasy basketball, where there is this daily fantasy basketball where you can not only get new players for your team daily, but win money daily too.

There are lots of great Daily Fantasy Basketball Sites for you to choose like FanDuel, and FantasyDraft, where you can also choose a variety of game styles of daily fantasy basketball games to play, such as:

Salary Cap Games

Tests your skills and knowledge in managing a fantasy basketball team. You are given a fixed amount of salary to create a fantasy team that you can use to fill your roster spots. Spend your salary cap money wisely, while mixing your lineup with fantasy studs and sleepers to gain an edge on the competition.

Standard Games

These games require a specified number of players for it to run. If there are not enough players in the room, the game will be canceled and all entry fees are going to be refunded to the user’s accounts.

Guaranteed Prize Pools (known as GPPs)

Unlike the Standard games, the price pool for these featured games are all guaranteed hence the contest will start on schedule and winners will still going to be paid in full regardless of the number of entrants.


These games specify a target point total for your team to reach and the teams that meet or exceed the point total will win and share the prize equally. If by chance, no player was able to meet the target score, then no players will receive any of the prize and the unclaimed prize will be added to a future target game.

Live Draft

These games require a specified number of players for it to move on. Once there are enough players register, then the draft will begin. Players are assigned a draft pick randomly and select their players in order until every team are filled.

Fifty-Fifty / 50-50

This games split the prize pot among the top 50% of the finishers for that day. So let’s say there are 100 entrants. 50% (50 out of 100) of the top scorers will split the prize pool in that room.

There are even some Daily Fantasy Basketball Sites that offers weekly long tournaments, some 2 days type of tournaments, and even a full season leagues for those who are still easing their way into playing this new Daily Fantasy Basketball Game.

Your options for your Daily Fantasy Basketball needs are endless. All you need to do is click this link FantasyBasketball101 and choose from the list of daily fantasy basketball sites and register.

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