What is Daily Fantasy Basketball?

What is Daily Fantasy Basketball?

Fantasy basketball is a fantasy sport that has become a household name to most avid basketball fan today. It is played by keeping track of stats of each basketball player by hand against other fantasy players, may it be with your friends or from other people around the world, And those fantasy players that plays this game are often referred or called as general managers or GMs, yes just like the real thing. General Managers draft actual NBA players and compete by computing their basketball statistics daily. There are lots of famous online websites you can choose from to play this popular online game, such as ESPN Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and NBA.com.

DraftDay: League Selection

As the game grew and became more competitive due to more and more people are hooked up into this type of online game. A new and better fantasy online genre was developed and Daily Fantasy Basketball (also known as Daily Fantasy Sports) was introduced to the fantasy world. This type of online fantasy game is the next phase or step to the fantasy sports online gaming world, and you don’t even need to be good at it to enjoy it. All you need is an internet connection and your mobile device or your computer and you are good to go. It is still played by keeping track of stats of each basketball player, but winners are rewarded daily.


DraftDay: Line-Up selection

The game is somewhat the same with ESPN or Yahoo fantasy basketball, it’s just, Daily Fantasy Basketball enables you to play daily and get daily results and winners. Which means, you will choose new players and change your team line up daily by choosing from a pool of players who are available and who are scheduled to play on that given day. One well-known Daily Fantasy Basketball online website called DraftDay provides you a budget of $100,000 to choose from a pool of NBA players which are given certain values that are based from their own performances in the games they play in reality. Meaning, if the player plays awful for a couple of games, then the player’s salary value will decrease, and if the NBA player is playing well than he used to, then the player’s salary value will increase. So there are salary value changes everyday depending on the NBA player’s performance.

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The other thing that makes Daily Fantasy Basketball stand out from the common fantasy basketball such as ESPN and Yahoo, is the feature where you can actually win some real cash. Yes, real money. A hobby that actually lets you, not just enjoy it, but earn some real cash as well, and it is very easy and affordable. You can even start playing it for FREE, to test how the game works and learn some tricks while you’re at it as well. There are other daily fantasy basketball sites out there too, that provides the same type of format that DraftDay offers, such as FanDuel and DraftKings.

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