Why You Should Play Daily Fantasy Basketball?

Why You Should Play Daily Fantasy Basketball?

For sure you have played in a full season fantasy basketball leagues before at any point in time, and you most likely understand the mechanics and the anticipation that goes with it like when choosing either rotisserie or head to head (H2H), drafting your team from scratch by choosing either live or auto, and setting your lineups either weekly or daily for game day.

However, if you have tried Daily Fantasy Basketball, then you probably already notice that Daily Fantasy Basketball is on a totally different level of excitement. The experience of playing Daily Fantasy Basketball is completely more challenging and the competition is steep with over more than a million players playing Daily Fantasy Basketball worldwide. Unlike any other fantasy leagues out there, Daily Fantasy Basketball not only gives you more excitement for setting your lineups, Daily Fantasy Basketball also allows you to choose new set of players just like forming a new team daily, and be able to base your decisions on the best possible match ups that each fantasy player has.

A full season of fantasy basketball is fun, and is competitive with the adds and drops, free agent pickups and all, but I am going to tell you why making the switch from a standard full season of fantasy basketball to daily fantasy basketball is the best to make.

Winning Daily

In standard leagues, you will need to play the wdownloadhole season for you to be able to win the pot by the end of the season, which is fine, but imagine being able to win daily. Now that sounds alot better right? I know, winning every single night is hard and unlikely, but that’s what making Daily Fantasy Basketball competitive and exciting. If you do your research and use the best approach when choosing your players, then there is a great chance that you can win and incredibly profitable from playing daily fantasy basketball.


In most times, when you are playing a standard full season league, a key injury can ruin your entire season. Losing let’s say your first round pick and a few other key players can potentially become critical, and you’re end up dealing your key player for a lesser valued one (which no one will even accept) or at worst you end up dropping them which will most likely doom your chance of winning your season. These are the type of situations why standard leagues are frustrating and will make you lose out on all chances of winning any money in standard leagues which also drains all the fun out of your entire season. Daily Fantasy Basketball do have injuries, but it won’t matter since you get to choose new set of players or a new team daily.


Matchups: Chris Paul (Left) and Stephen Curry (Right)

Daily Fantasy Basketball allows you to choose players daily that gives you the edge on choosing great matchups. One great example this season is the when a team is facing a terrible team like the Philadelphia 76ers. Finding the players who are playing against them may give you the best chance to score big points on that specific matchup. another example is scouting the teams who are weak on defense to a specific position and then draft the players who fit those matchups. There are lots of different strategies you can do to have the best chance of getting the highest possible score. That is why Daily Fantasy Basketball is the real deal.

Huge Bonuses

There are websites that gives you loads of bonuses when you choose to purchase or add funds in to your account, such as Fantasybasketball101.com. Fantasybasketball101.com provides huge bonuses for daily fantasy basketball websites such as Draftkings.com, Fanduel.com and DraftDay.com.

As you already may have noticed, there are huge advantages to playing daily fantasy basketball. Daily Fantasy Basketball not only provides you great fun each day, but it also allows you to win money every day there are games. So what are you waiting for? Start your Daily Fantasy Basketball career today.